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Super Comic City 22 - Pick up Service



I will be attending Super Comic City 22 on 3rd May (Friday)  and 4th May (Saturday)
and offer a doujinshi pick-up service.
It will be my first time offering this service, but I will try my best  to get everything.


Super Comic City 22 Pick- Up Service

Search Fee is 700 Yen per Doujinshi.
If you want more doujinshi from the same circle the Fee is 700 Yen for the first book and 200 Yen for every other book from the same circle.
The Search Fee must be paid in advance.

These Events are very busy and sometimes  Doujinshi will be sold out pretty quick.
If I'm unable to get your doujinshi, the Search Fee will be refunded after the event.

Information I need beforehand:

1. Circle name
2. Booth number
3. Fandom and Pairing
4. Doujinshi title
5. Doujinshi cover
6. Maximum price

Doujinshi at events normally cost between 400-1000 yen.

You can look for doujinshi on pixiv or the artist's website where they normally announce the release:


Super Comic City Official Website

Here is an example from Pixiv about some of the information I need

Shipping methods are SAL, Airmail and EMS.
here is the link to the japanese postoffice for a rough estimate.

I just put a few books on my kitchen scale, so you can roughly guess the books weight
Doujinshi: 70g-200g

Total price:
When I found the doujin I'll let you know about the price I paid for it  and how much the shipping will be.

700Yen (search fee)  + XXXYen (price of the doujin) + XXXYen (shipping cost) = final price

The 700Yen search fee has to be paid beforehand.

Payment is possible via Paypal only

If there are any questions, please feel free to comment here. I'll try to answer as soon as possible.
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